Cookie Policy

Effective Date: 01/12/2024

Welcome to our website! We use cookies to make your experience here smooth and personalized. Let’s walk you through what cookies are, why we use them, and how you can manage them.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small file placed on your device. It helps our website remember your preferences (like language) and gather basic info about your site visits. Don't worry, cookies can't access any personal files on your device.

Types of Cookies We Use

  1. Essential Cookies: These are necessary for our website to function properly. They help with things like logging in and securing your session. We don't use these cookies for marketing.
  2. Functional Cookies: These remember your preferences (like font size or language) to give you a more personalized experience. If you opt out of these, some personalization features may not work.
  3. Performance Cookies: These help us understand how visitors interact with our website. We use this information to improve our site and detect any issues.
  4. Advertising Cookies: We use these to show you ads that are relevant to your interests. They are also used to track the effectiveness of these ads.

Managing Cookies

You’re in control. You can delete existing cookies and prevent new ones from being saved. Here’s how:

  • For Google Chrome: Go to Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Cookies and Site Data. Here, you can set your preferences.
  • For Internet Explorer: Navigate to Settings > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced settings.

On mobile devices, the process varies:

  • Apple Devices: Go to Settings > Safari. You can clear cookies and enable private browsing here.
  • Android Devices: In the Chrome app, go to Settings > Privacy > Clear browsing data.

Note: Blocking or deleting cookies can impact how our website works for you.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is a priority. For more details on how we handle personal data, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Updates to This Policy

We might update this policy from time to time. We recommend checking in occasionally for any changes.

Thank you for visiting Happier Flow.